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Overseas Testing Centre - (OTC)

Fonda has been appointed by BCA as an Overseas Testing Centre in Bangladesh (Dhaka) since 2006. Our Centre is located at South West Dhaka. Fonda OTC yields good passing rates from all the candidates. We were tasked by BCA to manage, operate and provide training / testing in our centre. It needs no further elaboration on our trainers capabilities to impart their skills and knowledge to their candidates. Our passing results shows great leading ability !

Our main objective is to assist BCA to TRAIN Bangladesh workers to pass the SEC(K) certificate. Our range of syllabus includes Steel Reinforcement work, Timber Formwork, Metal Formwork, Plastering, Tiling, Plumbing & pipefitting, Suspended ceiling, Timber door, Waterproofing, Plastic & Aluminum Formworks.

Fonda also provide Pre-Train Selective candidates for specific projects. This also includes delivering extraordinary Trained candidates for crucial projects in Singapore. All special candidates will be 100% Trained in Bangladesh before they were deployed for employment in Singapore