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  What is Core Trade ?

The Construction Registration of Tradesmen or CoreTrade in short, is a workers registration scheme administered by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), for skilled and experienced construction personnel in key construction trades.

The CoreTrade scheme was introduced to facilitate the sector in building up a core group of competent and experienced tradesmen and trade foremen in key construction trades to anchor and lead the construction workforce, and thereby raise construction quality and productivity levels.

CoreTrade provides a platform to retain the better and more experienced workers by providing a clearer career progression path and giving them due recognition through a registration system. It allows one to move from a general worker, to a registered Construction Tradesmen specializing in specific trades and eventually become a registered construction Foreman.Workers who are eligible for registration include skilled and experienced locals and foreign workers who have been working in the construction industry in Singapore. The Registration of CoreTrade personnel commenced in December 2008

Under the Building Control (Amendment) Act 2007, licenced Class 1 General Builders are required to deploy a minimum number of registered CoreTrade personnel in their Project of value S$20 million and more. This applies to new building Works, addition and alteration works and civil engineering works.

There are currently 7 construction trades recognized under CoreTrade(see Table 1). From July 2011 onwards, construction work permit holders who are CoreTrade registered will be to quality building up of a skilled and experienced pool of works into the higher skilled levy tier as well as the building up of a skilled and experienced pool of workers, the number of trades under CoreTrade will be increased from the current 7 to 17 by mid 2011, covering a total 48 skills qualifications.

In addition to the above, the enhanced CoreTrade include Changes in man year deployment requirements for the various categories of project.


Current Trades
Additional Trades
Construction Plant Operation Works
Cladding and Curtain Wall Installation
Electrical Works
Glazing Works
Plumbing and Piping Works
Drywall Installation
Reinforced Concrete Works
Suspended Ceiling Installation
Structural Steel Works
Doors and Windows Installation
Tiling, Stone Laying and Floor Finishing Works
(Formerly known as Tiling and Stone Laying Works)
Joinery Works
Waterproofing Works
Air - Conditioning Ducting Installation
Fire Protection Works
Gas Pipefitting Works
Lift Installation

Table 1: List of Trades

Presently, CoreTrade site deployment requirements apply to 3 broad classes of project of different manpower needs. These are (i) New Building Works, (ii) Addition and alteration (A&A) Works and (iii) Civil Engineering (CE) Works. To differentiate between the more “conventional” CE Works (e.g. roads, bridges and drainage,etc) and CE works involving MRT stations, CE is subdivided into 2 categories,namely CE(MRT Station) and CE(General). This will allow differentiation in manpower deployment requirements for these two distinct categories of CE Works.

Currently,there are 7 key construction trades under CoreTrade. Another 10 higher value-adding trades at both Tradesmen and Trade Foreman level (refer to Table 1) has been added to expand the range of construction trades under CoreTrade . This will enable the building up of a larger pool of higher skilled and experienced workers.